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Why India?

India ranked second on the Global Index of Business Optimism during the third quarter of 2016, i.e. July to September, 2016. We have all heard about India’s growth story, but there are hard facts that are now indicating towards its strong existence. India has a stable political environment, and that has boosted investment & business sentiment. In addition to that, there are various policy reforms that the government is planning in order to improve the business climate in the country. The report also ranked India highly on employment and profitability expectations. In the past, business owners had concerns over regulations and red tape in the Indian bureaucratic landscape. However, that fear seems to be tapering off, and that was also highlighted in the report.

The Global Index of Business Optimism is just one example of hundreds that are pointing towards the imminent take off that India is on the verge of. The large workforce of the country, available infrastructure, and business-friendly government are all now making India one of the top countries to do business with.