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Business Potential Analysis

Are you planning to venture into a fast growing foreign market? Do you want to expand your business’ reach beyond just your local economy?

While all of this is laced with umpteen opportunities, there are underlying risks that can’t be ignored. We offer bespoke and highly practical business potential analysis solutions to explore the viability of your business in the market being considered. This solution is meant to help you be prepared before entering into an unchartered terrain.

Analyzing business viability can be extremely critical to your business, and can impact your business’ potential as well as decisions. It lends you a direction for your plans. Our in-house team is highly experienced in this service, and helps our customers effectively explore new markets.

Components of the Analysis

We assess some of the following areas of business viability:

Market Environment : The objective here is to analyze the broad market environment perspective, and see if your business can survive in the mix. We use Porter’s 5 Force Competitive model to analyze such aspects of your business as suppliers, the power of your customers, threats of new entry, threats of substitution, and intensity of competition.

Business Fit : Our team analyzes your business’ fit into the economy and its culture. We perform a SWOT analysis to unravel your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Target Segment : Before entering a market, you need to be absolutely sure about your target-market. We help our customers perform market segmentation and define their target markets in the new country. This target market is broken down into primary and secondary groups based on comprehensive demographic and psychographic information.

Product Life Cycle Analysis : We have developed experience in analyzing product life cycle. This helps you understand what the longevity of the existing opportunity is.

Other factors that we also consider are:

  • Product & Pricing Research
  • Regulatory & Compliance Advice
  • Analysis of taxes, customs, and import duties
  • Executive search as well as salary benchmarking

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