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Some of the following opportunities are making India an inevitable part of any successful business’ growth plan:

Ready Workforce : India is a country of a whopping 1.2 billion people, and over 58% of those are in the age-group of 15 to 54. Median age of the country is 27.6, and that readily tells you about the relative ease of hiring skilled talent for your business. This kind of population distribution is the perfect breeding ground for long-term growth, and increased focus on education is making the scene even prettier.

Goods & Service Tax (GST) : GST, as an example, promises to convert the entire country into a common marketplace of over $2.2 trillion. The policy is expected to come into effect later in 2017.

Ties with European Union : The recent turn of events in Europe, including but not limited to Brexit, have opened up the gateway for India to have closer political, strategic, and economic ties with the European Union (EU). The enormous size of EU’s economy presents unforeseen opportunities for India.

Global Player : India is an established global player, and any business should have no problems finding local connections. We mentioned European Union earlier, but India also has close investment ties with multiple other developed & developing economies, around the globe.

Moderate Inflation : India’s supply side squeeze was the cause of high inflation in the country in the yesteryears. However, India seems to have come out of the phase and inflation rates are now moderating. This combination of falling inflation rates and high growth rate present a suitable environment for investors as well as entrepreneurs.

Consumer Opportunity : Finally, India presents an unprecedented consumer opportunity. Consumer spending in India is just 52% of the country’s GDP. Compare this with 72% of the United States of America (USA), and you quickly realize that there is an opportunity of $1 trillion in the country’s emerging consumer sector.

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