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Local Liaison & Support

Opportunities in a foreign market can be enticing, but actually entering and operating the business can be a challenge.

You need to first understand your business’ viability and carve out a target market. That will help you shape your strategy. Once that is achieved, you need to get your market entry strategy in place. However, you can do all the planning, but without proper execution; all plans are bound to fail.

You need a local team to liaison with the governments, support you on the ground, and get you approvals. We do just that. Our team has long years of experience and a solid ground staff in local markets to get your business up and running. We understand the challenges faced while dealing with bureaucracy, and know how to circumvent that. Our team has been doing that for years and has connections that can get you off the ground. Moreover, we can also develop business processes to get the necessary approvals.

Services We Offer

Following are some of the services we offer to help you successfully set up your business:

Government Liaising : How comfortable are you dealing with foreign governments? Do you have the connections to get your work done? We do. We can help you with that to ensure that your business does not hit a road-block.

Registration : Registering your business needs understanding of the regulatory landscape in a country. We will tell you which state to register your business in based on kind of your business and associated incentives.

Approvals : Any form of business needs the necessary approvals. We will get you those approvals in consultation with government authorities and filling out the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Day to day Liaising : Once all the initial liaising is done, your business will need intermediate support to stay afloat. Our team is experienced and willing to offer you that.

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